1 February 2015

Month One - Fitness | Lifestyle

Ah so it's  that dreaded post where I explain how good or bad I've been since I started my new fitness regime. One thing I will say is that I am not going to disclose how much I have lost because I don't feel that would motive me any further, this is a long term fitness goal not a quick weight loss fad. However, I am thinking that once I reach my goal weight I will say how much I weigh or how much I have lost. 

So I am going to focus this post more around the challenges I've faced and how I have got around them. I'll be honest, I didn't really have any pictures to go with this post but the one below was actually taken on one of my runs last year, so it kinda fits in. 

An image to represent the journey - of course! 

Working in Marketing there is always little event to attend and these always include wine and food. I'm trying to eat as clean as possible and to be honest it's going quite well however when these events come up, it's hard to turn all the food and alcohol down. I did let my hair down one evening though, our company has an annual event which had a lot of wine and a 3 course meal. However then next evening I made sure I got my butt down to the gym and worked hard. 

Sometimes you just have to accept that everyone once in a while it's OK to over indulge. 

Holidays/Working abroad
Oh now this was incredibly hard, I had literally just started my new gym routine I was doing really well but then I went to New York for 10 days. Don't get me wrong it was amazing and I'd definitely do it again but it slowed my progress down a little bit, obviously in that time I didn't exercise (apart from walking) and ate pretty bad, not over doing it but not healthy. 

The way I looked at it was that, I'm not going to be in New York for long so I am just going to enjoy myself and do/eat whatever I fancy.

Actually I found food a lot easier to get into this time around (excluding my holiday) because I'm not doing a diet. I'm not following any books or fads I'm just eating clean and actually, I'm eating quite a lot. By  "clean" I mean eating little to no processed food, only having complex carbs, no white breads or pastas, making my own sauces using tomatoes and spices, lean protein and lots of fiber. 

Also, I've found that not talking about what I am eating is helping me stay focused. I've not snacked or anything but the thing is I've not even wanted to because I am so focused on where I want to be I'll only be letting myself down if I do snack. 

Establishing a routine
I have literally thrown myself into the gym again, I thought there's no point in starting off slow, if I want to see changes in myself then I have to work bloody hard. I am loving going to the gym again. It wakes me up, it makes me feel good and I have been going twice daily though of course I have days where I don't go or I only go once.  I always make sure I do my weight workout in the morning as it is quietest and then I follow up with classes and/or cardio in the evening, I find this works for me.  

Some people have said they are quite impressed with how I have thrown myself into the gym, but I have got to a stage where I am so unhappy that I have no other choice than to change.

So there we have my One Month update, I've feeling just and positive and as motivated as when I first started, if not more!

How's your new healthy lifestyle going?

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