19 February 2015

February Birchbox | Beauty

And here is my monthly Birchbox post, a little earlier than last time. This is my last Birchbox post because my subscription has run out, but I may do one last Birchbox favourites post. I have been a subscriber for over a year and I just feel that now is the time to try other boxes. I have loved my little Birchbox and definitely think it's worth the money.

So let's take a look inside the February Birchbox. 

I must admit I was incredibly happy when I opened mine, Birchbox has actually released a slimmer size so it can fit through letter boxes, however I didn't sign up for that one. As it's my final I just thought I would leave it. But if I did sign up again I would definitely make mine a slimline. 

Liz Earle - Botanical Shine Shampoo

I'm always a massive fan of anything from Liz Earle, they always put so much care into their products and they use a lot of natural ingredients. The one thing that bloody annoys me though is, when they give me half the product. When you shampoo your hair you always follow up with the same conditioner, it even says that on the back of the product "for best results". I completely understand that it's more cost effective to just send out the one product but how am I supposed to get an honest option of the product when I only have half? I will use it, it actually smells amazing. I just wish I could try it with the conditioner. 

Wild About Beauty - Rose Water Illuminating Serum

A full sized product, how exciting! Wild About Beauty is a brand I have seen around a lot but never actually tried anything by these guys so I was incredibly excited to see this in my box. Apparently the value of this full sized product is £22, so again this just proves what a great bargain Birchbox is. When I pumped it out on my hand it has a beautiful pink pearlescent sheen to it, which didn't show in the picture but it's almost too pretty to use. The thing I really like about this product is when you take the lid off there is a pump so you can really control the amount of product you want to use. 

I'm not sure how I am going to use it yet, again it's for my face but there are two ways you can wear it, either over the top of your moisturiser and nothing else or wear it under your make up. I'm going to give it ago and see how I get on. 

The Chia Co - Oats + Chia

I always love a snack lifestyle item in my Birchbox, everyone is on a health kick right now so I'm sure this will get a lot of use. Personally I prefer my porridge to be plain so we'll see what this tastes like but I'm actually going to write a full review on this one, so watch this space. 

London Butterflies - Bath Salt Scrub

This was the one product I literally squealed when I saw it! Firstly, how cute is the packaging, love it! Secondly, it's in a little glass jar, perfect and finally it smells amazing!!! It has a sweet and delicate scent, it's made with almond oil which you know is going to feel amazing when it's on your skin.  I think I'm going to write  a full review on this product, the sample size is frickin' amazing. I'm definitely gonna get a couple of uses from it. 

Cynthia Rowley Beauty - Eyeliner in Silver

I love an eyeliner, there isn't a day goes by when I don't wear eyeliner. However eyeliner in Silver? Definitely not something I have ever used, I would have preferred it in black for sure. That being said, when I swatched it on the back of my hand I was so impressed by the formula, it's a really soft/blendable buttery formula. I think I am going to try this out but use it more for a smokey eye. 

The Balm - Stainiac

Ok, so this is the one I am least excited about, a lip and cheek stain. It's too pink for my cheeks and it's too red for my lips. I will say it's very long lasting so if this kinda product is your thing, I'd definitely recommend trying it out.

There we have my February Birchbox review!

What did you get in yours?

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