26 February 2015

Laura Mercier Body and Bath | Beauty

I was very excited for this product to arrive because it cost me £2!!! Utter bargain right? This is the Laura Mercier Body and Bath in Fresh Fig and Honey. I have had my eye on it for ages because I bought it through Birchbox. 

For those of you who don't know, Birchbox actually has a point scheme where you can earn points when you subscribe but you also get points when you give them feedback on their boxes per product. 

I've been subscribed to Birchbox for a year now which has meant I've accumulated just over 300 points which was bloody amazing. I had a look at their shop and found this little beauty priced at £32 which I would never spend that much on essentially bubble bath. However when you use those 300 points it makes it just £2, which is amazing! Plus I had free postage. 

The reason I went for this Laura Mercier Body and Bath product is because I absolutely love the smell of fig and honey, plus it's such a silky beautiful lilac colour, I just knew I had to try this product when I saw it. I also love the details of the little honey dipper to distribute the product into your bath. Otherwise I would just end up pouring it in and wasting a lot of product, but I just love the details. 

The scent is really beautiful, it's describe on the box as "Celeste Figs mingle with a dewy Apricot Nectar and sensuous Ylang Ylang to create a rich, luxurious scent, unlike any other"  I think this description is spot on, is such a beautifully unusual scent I don't think I would have been able to fully describe it, it's very soft and not over powering at all but also just very luxurious.  

This is one that I'm going to use when I need that extra bit of indulgence. I actually think it's worth the £32 price tag because it is just so gorgeous and I'm so happy I was able to try this out for just £2.  Seriously, I'm in love. 

Have you tried any of the Laura Mercier bath products?


  1. Very jealous I have been wanting to try this bubble bath for ages it sounds so good

    1. Honestly it's sooo lush!! You should try it out. Thanks for reading!!xx