22 February 2015

Month Two Update | Lifestyle

So, I thought each month it would be a slightly different update, this month is going to be what I generally what I have been eating lately, not all meals because I'm rubbish and forget to take pictures of my dinners. 

Everything is still going well, I'm loosing weight and toning up which is great, I'm on target, if not slightly ahead. Again, I'm not going to disclose how much I have lost, I will tell you when I reach that goal. 

Sorry the pictures are crap, I had such drama trying to put two pictures side by side it was just easier to do an insta collage.

Every week day I must eat:- 

Two apples
10 almonds
Two green teas, at least
1 bowl of cereal
My dinners change every night

Every weekend I must eat:-
4 turkey bacon rashers
Two slices of wholemeal bread
Two bowls of porridge 
Two apples


Mini Milk Ice Lollies
Any one small item that I fancy, which you can see was a Reeces cup
Friday lunch - changes weekly at work, it's free!

Food Scales:- 

I have actually started weighing out my food, for example, when I'm having a roast dinner. I found that it's much easier to control my portion sizes if I allow myself a set amount of grams of potatoes/meat because then I can work out exactly how many calories I'm eating on the myfitnesspal app. 

What I have noticed is how much my body thrives on consistency, if I break that routine even slightly it really effects my body and my energy levels. 

So there we have it. How is your fitness and health regime going?


  1. This looks like you're doing really well - I have to say that I actually really enjoy turkey bacon rashers, especially the smoke kind.

    Sammy xo.

    1. Oh my goodness, the smoked kind is lush!!! Thanks for reading!!xx