8 February 2015

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I'm trying to be a little better with my eating habits lately, it's very easy to fall into a rut and my biggest problem is snacking. Oh boy do I love to snack and because my job isn't very active at all, you know it cannot end well. 

It's really hard to know what snacks you should be eating, sometimes a handful of nuts (oh my) just isn't enough. So I thought I would share with you a few snacks that I have come across that I think work really well.

I have included the calorie count, the saturated fat and the sodium content of all 3. I think these are the most important things to look at when snacking especially saturated fat, as we know this is the bad fat. 

Let's Start with...

Emily Fruit Crisps

We've all heard of apple chips and you can get them in most health food stores but isn't the packaging of these Fruit Crisps just so lovely? They literally are bits of apples, nothing fancy, no added sugar just apple pieces.

Calories - 124 per pack 
Sat fat - 1.2g
Sodium - Trace

My biggest surprise was the taste, I do like apples but the thought of dried apple pieces doesn't thrill me I must admit, but these tasted so yummy and incredibly light but quite sweet. I love the fact there is apple skin on these pieces as to me the skin is actually the best part. I probably wouldn't devour the pack in one go, this is the type of snack you can open up and eat a little every now and then over the day.

Moving on to... 

Urban Fruit Smashing Strawberry

Hands down this isn't the most visually appealing of the 3, I mean little dark bits of fruit you can barely tell them as strawberries at first glance. But I promise that they do taste really good.

Calories - 102 per pack
Sat fat - 0g
Sodium - trace

I have tried a similar brand before and actually I really love these starwberries, if you have a bit of a sweet tooth and find yourself reaching for little gummy sweets or Haribo I personally think these are a great replacement. They are sweet but they're also chewy like a gummy sweet, so they're actually really nice. These I could eat all in one go, I also love the fact there is no saturated fat what so ever. 

And finally...

Popchips Sour Cream and Onion

These have been around for quite some time now, I always see them, even Starbucks sells them, however I have never actually tried them until now. There are a lot of health crisps on the market and I never really know which one differentiates from the other.

Calories - 95 per pack
Sat fat - 0.5g
Sodium 0.21g

These are exactly like crisps, you prefer savory things to sweet then there are the ones for you. They fulfill that crunchy crisps craving that you often get when you're trying to be good. These are probably the strongest flavour of all three, the scent as soon as you open the packet is strong, if you don't like sour cream and onion you're going to hate these. I love this flavour of crisps but even this was almost too much for me (almost)

So there we have a selection of healthy snacks. 

What healthy snacks do you recommend?

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