5 February 2015

New York Mac Haul | Beauty

I have to admit, I was a Mac virgin! I've never owned any Mac products but have read probably a hundred reviews on the lipsticks, let alone anything else. As you may know I don't really wear lipstick, I never know which shade suits me and I certainly don't like anything bold. 

But whilst I was in New York recently, I stumbled across the Mac store in Union Square and well I just had to go in and look what happened when I did...

I spent quite a bit of time looking at all the different lipstick shades and kinda felt over whelmed, I mean I just didn't know which one to choose and then the loveliest store assistant came to my rescue.

I really liked her because she was honest in a nice way she said "Personally I love the colour of your lips without the lipstick. Also your eyes are very defined with your eyeliner and shadow so we should try and go for a neutral lip."  Like music to my ears! So several swatches later we found the one. She sat me down and straight away and knew which lip liner would work for me and she was drawing away saying "sorry I just love the shape of your top lip" and boom I was sold. I absolutely loved the nude lip she had created for me. 

So I walked out with both the lip liner in Subculture and the lipstick in Blankety and they are a perfect match for my lips, it probably had a little more brown toned than my natural lip but oh my god I love the way it looks.  

Subculture is such a gorgeous shade, when I am putting it on it blends perfectly onto my lips as if it almost isn't there. It's incredibly easy to apply for someone who has never worn a lip liner before but I think that's possibly because it's such a good shade it blends right in anyway so even if my lip line is a little wobbly to start with it's still ok. In fact I love it so much I kinda wanna wear it without the lipstick sometimes just all over the lip. 

Moving onto Blankety, I frickin' love this colour, It really was love at first swatch! The formula is just beautiful, when swiping it on my lips it's very soft and buttery and goes on incredibly smooth, I completely understand the hype surrounding Mac lipsticks now. Even all the other lipsticks I swatched, they were all beautiful colours. 

So there we have my little haul. 

What is your favourite lipstick?


  1. I want that lipstick! Its gorgeous x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

    1. Honestly, it creates the most perfect nude lip!! I'm in love!xx