12 February 2015

Benefit Roller Lash | Beauty

I know what you're thinking ANOTHER post on Benefit's incredibly hyped up new mascara release but I love a freebie and why not? 

I have a yearly subscription to Elle magazine, and when I saw everyone banging on about this I was very eager to receive my free sample. Benefit always run an incredibly good PR campaign with the release of a new product that has pretty much every blogger scrambling to get their hands on. We all remember the hype of the They're Real range. I was pretty honest with my thoughts on the They're Real Mascara, in fact I kinda hated it. It didn't separate my lashes, it didn't make them look longer or more volumous. The mascara literally did nothing for me, so with the Roller Lash release I was a little apprehensive. 

However, I actually really like this product. I know, I was shocked too. First things first, I love the packaging, this one is more "me", even down to the font they use. Love it. But also I absolutely love the brush too. The shape is quite different to what I am used to you can see in the picture that it does have a curve to it, which has first I found it a little tricky knowing which side to use but you get the hang of it really quickly. I think it's supposed to replicate the curve of a hair curler/roller. 

Right from the first swipe, my lashes looked incredibly long and it really does open up my eyes. You actually get quite a lot of product on the wand so you don't even need numerous coats to get the desired effect.  Though I will say I think it gives possibly a little too much product on the wander but actually I don't know whether this is just with the sample size, maybe the full sized product has a better stopper.

Overall, I actually really like Roller Lash, I'm fiercely loyal to my Volume Million Lashes but this is actually a very serious contender now. 

Have you tried Roller Lash? 

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