17 February 2015

Max factor Lipstick | Beauty

One thing I love about working in London is that the train stations actually hand out freebies, I've had all sorts over the years but this little gem from Max Factor is definitely one of my faves. 

A free full sized Max Factor Lipstick, I love it but of course when I saw that it was rather red, I thought what a shame. You know me, I don't like bold colours on my lips, I'm a nude kinda gal but still it's a great way to try out these types of shades because I haven't actually spent any money on them.

I've used Max Factor products in the past, I actually use their foundation and mix it with my Rimmel foudation but I haven't actually used any lip products from this brand before. 

The thing that confuses me a little is that this product looks like a very bold, almost tomato shade of red however when I swatched it you can see it's more of a pinky berry which I found a very nice surprise because I feel like this shade is actually something I can work with and at least try out. Though if I really wanted the shade that is advertised I'd be a little annoyed but it works for me. 

It swipes on really nice and has quite a soft texture, I wouldn't say that this was a matte product this lipstick is kind of in between it doesn't have any shimmer nor does it have a sheen to it but it's not as drying and some matte shades I have seen in the past. 

Have you tried any Max Factor lipsticks?


  1. Love the colour, looks super pigmented :)

    1. It's a really lovely colour!! Thanks for reading!xx

  2. How great to be handed a free max factor lipstick its a really pretty shade

    1. Haha! Well we all love a freebie! Thanks for reading!xx