15 February 2015

Yellow Roses | Lifestyle

Do you ever just wander around supermarkets and spot something and just think "Yes! I need one of those"? Well this happened to me the other week and I ended up walking out with a yellow rose bush for my room. 

My all time favourite roses are yellow roses, I love how bright and cheery they look. My bedroom is actually very neutral, lots of whites and creams and magnolias, but I love it. Every now and then I will buy a bunch of flowers for my room, just to brighten a corner but I always love the way that yellow looks in my room, it can look better than pinks or reds. 

I haven't bought myself any flowers in a while just because I couldn't really be bothered, they always die and then it's just a bit of chore to get rid of them. I'm never in my room long enough to appreciate them whilst they are in full bloom. But when I saw this lovely little rose bush, I though that this was something that would potentially have a long shelf live and it's something I really genuinely love. I think it was about £3 which is cheaper than a normal bunch of flowers and it's an actual house plant. 

I've never really had many house plant, I think once I definitely killed one just by forgetting to water it so this time I'm going to be really good and make sure that I remember this time. 

What are your favourite colour of roses and why?


  1. I love flowers, they really brighten up a room and give it life! I love Red Roses the most so cliche I know haha! Xx

    1. Aren't roses just so pretty?! Red ones are beautiful too!! Thanks for reading my love!xx